when you gotta glow + skoah giveaway

You guys, I am super excited about this post. I have long loved skoah, a great Canadian skincare company that offers the best facials around. I’ve been getting facials from them regularly for the last two years, and my bathroom countertop and the edges of my shower are lined with skoah product (seriously, look at this picture of my collection). So I was obviously stoked to partner up with skoah to bring some glow to all of you, dear readers.

skoah has generously offered my Calgary gang a fitskin facial on serious discount. The fitskin facial is 45 minutes of laying in a warm bed while a super nice krew member puts various delicious-smelling natural products on your face. There is literally nothing not to love about it.

OK – here’s what you can look forward to at your fitskin facial:

  • you’ll be welcomed by a friendly member of the krew (ps. everything is spelled with ‘k’)

  • you’ll be offered a mug of water

Calgary’s Willow Park location

  • you’ll be ushered into your room – always on time

  • there will be a little personalized note and a lip balm (which is to die for) waiting for you on your bed

  • you’ll be asked about your skin and what you want to focus on. When I started going to skoah my skin was all kinds of crazy because I had changed birth control, so I got a facial tailored to those issues. My skin is much better now but it’s also really dry because of this hot summer, so my facial today was way more focused on hydration

  • they’ll tell you how much you need to strip down, so you can avoid the whole “how naked should I be” thing

  • your bed will be warm, and it can be made warmer or cooler – you do you

  • you’ll either chat with your krew member or you’ll let your mind wander – again, you do you

  • your krew member will tell you what she is putting on your face and will happily answer questions about the products, but won’t pressure you to buy (this is actually so refreshing)

  • you’ll enjoy 45 minutes of bliss with whatever routine and products make the most sense for your skin

  • your skin will be glowing (furreal) when you get up

  • you’ll be offered more water when you get back to the front (hydrate!)

  • one of the gals will show you the products that were used in your facial but, again, you won’t be pressured to buy (but like, I almost always do because I need to re-stock on something and also because I’m obsessed)

  • you’ll also get a little plan of the products and routines you and the krew had discussed. This actually really helps me keep track of what I’m supposed to be doing each day of the week

  • you’ll want to book your next facial but won’t be pressured to do so

  • you’ll also be asked if you’re interested in a skin gym membership. I’ve been a member on and off for a couple years. When my skin needed more attention, I was going monthly. It felt like it was getting expensive so I closed my membership for several months. I’ve signed up now for the bi-monthly membership and will do until I decide not to anymore. Some of the perks: each facial is cheaper with a membership, and you get 10% of all products, which adds up. You’ll also get a first test of skoah’s latest and greatest products with each visit, which is fun lil bonus!

  • you’ll leave feeling refreshed, dewey and pampered

And that’s it! It’s honestly the best, you guys.

And speaking of ~*guys*~ – skoah ain’t just for chicks. They carry products for men and offer a dude-ready facial called a mancial. Fellas, get your glow on.


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