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I Could Really Use That Right Now: A Haiku

Where is my lip balm? Headphones in my other purse Chapped lips and silence *praying hands emoji*

Needing something and not having it on you is annoying. For example: it’s annoying to not have poop bags on walkies, it’s annoying to forget your potluck contribution in the fridge, and it’s annoying to leave your credit card in the pocket of your running tights.

Here’s how I learned to keep better track of my stuff:

Keep your everyday essentials in one place. There are several things that you take with you pretty much every time you leave the house. Keep all of these things together in one place. I keep my daily stuff in a couple of containers/baskets at my door. This stuff includes:

  • Keys

  • Wallet, including work security pass

  • Sunnies

  • Headphones

  • Lip balm

  • Riggins leash

  • Poop bags

Leave yourself notes in the same place. Write up a couple sticky notes and never forget your potluck dish in the fridge again. (Also works for reminders about “on your way” tasks like taking out the garbage or dropping off mail.)

Take everything out of your bag every time you get home. It takes like four minutes max to put everything back where it belongs. Once I’ve walked the dog, I’ll pre-heat the oven for dinner and take a hot sec to empty my purse or bag. I’ve found that this also helps me keep my bags relatively clutter free, because I take out all the receipts and granola bars at the end of every day.


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