currently bingeing: holidays 2018

I'm spending these days off between Christmas and New Year's Eve re-organizing my cabinets and watching all sorts of good-to-great movies and TV. Here's what I'm watching:

Bird Box

Loved this one. I was hooked three minutes in and actually put my phone away so I could give the movie my full attention. I know, the ending isn't great, but I didn't mind because the whole thing was compelling. Will likely watch again in the break between seasons of The Bachelor.

The Innocent Man

It wouldn't be a Small Blonde recommendation without some true crime content. The series is based on the John Grisham non-fiction novel about four men convicted of two crimes in Oklahoma in the '80s. I didn't find it as compelling as the first season of Making A Murderer, but I definitely enjoyed it.

The American Meme

This was a super interesting look at the lives and careers of some of the biggest North American social media celebrities. Main takeaways: it can be stressful and lonely at the top; Paris Hilton did not deserve all the flack she got -- get it, girl.

Ru Paul's Drag Race

I don't know why I slept on this show for so long. It's great after a long day and is an effective palette cleanser after five straight hours of true crime content. Shantay, you stay.


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