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my summer 10X10 mini capsule

I usually have a handful of items to get rid of when I swap my capsule wardrobe over for the season. I typically have to retire one item to recycling because it's old/worn out, and then I consign or donate the two or three items that no longer fit me, that I haven't worn in two seasons, or that just don't suit my new capsule. I discovered Salv'Edge Fashion about a year ago and it quickly became my favourite place to consign.

I met with Krista over at Salv'Edge Fashion a few weeks ago to get the scoop on how to get the most cash for my higher-quality, on-trend pieces.

Every consignment store is different, so be sure to read up on the guidelines for your shop of choice. At Salv'Edge:

  • You get 40% of the sale price for your consigned item. You get 50% if you spend that money in-store. Very high-quality, high-end items (like a Louis Vuitton purse) can get you up to 70% cash return.

  • You need to bring in a minimum of six items to set up an account, otherwise it's not really worth the effort for anyone involved.

  • Krista will go through your items with you and let you know right then and there which of your items she wants. Other shops will take a bag of your stuff and sort it later, donating the items they don't want to charity. My personal preference is to go through the items together -- I get a better sense of what kinds of items do well and I also get to decide what I want to do with the items the shop doesn't take.

  • At the end of three months, make a trip back to the shop to pick up your cheque or the items that didn't sell. By then you might have a couple more items ready to consign for the season, anyway.

Items should be:

  • Appropriate for the season.

  • In good condition. No rips, stains, pilling, etc.

  • Made of quality material. Cashmere, real leather, silk and wool are great. Rayon, poly-blend, modal and pleather are less great.

  • Quality brand names. The consignment shop won't make any money on a cheap shirt from Forever21, and neither will you. Brands/items that are sustainable/ ethical/vegan do well.

  • Timeless or trendy. A great blue jean will always sell well, and jumpsuits or jumpers will sell great for summer 2018. The thing that was trendy four years ago? Not so much.

  • Clean. Make sure your items are clean and run a lint roller over them. The crew at the shop will steam stuff before they put it out on the floor, but it's always nice if items come in mostly ready for the floor.

So, tell me, have I convinced you to consign?


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